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A Group committed to sustainability

Over the years, IMI Group companies have adapted to the demands of operational excellence and demonstrated their skills in this area. All Group companies comply with specific standards that guarantee their commitment to the environment, human rights, safety, management and quality.



Over the years, CHEVAL FRERES has adapted to the demands of operational excellence and demonstrated its skills in this area by being ISO 9001: 2015 certified since 2018. This is also the case for its HARDEX ceramics department.

As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, CHEVAL FRERES is committed to respecting the fundamental principles of the RJC through its COP certification.

In 2021, our Human Rights Due Diligence and Responsible Supply Chain analyses did not reveal any negative impacts.

CHEVAL FRERES has also chosen to reinforce its commitment by obtaining RJC-CoC certification to guarantee a responsible supply chain in February 2022.


STETTLER SAPPHIRE‘s quality management system defines and controls the processes and methods necessary for optimum performance in the sense of the “Swiss level of perfection”.

Its management system in Switzerland and Mauritius is based on ISO 9001-certified processes to ensure sustainable improvement of our products.