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A group steeped in history sharing a unique know-how.

Like the watch market, the companies that make up IMI are steeped in history. Above all, they are stories of people.
So many technical and commercial adventures shared with the customers who have driven the Group’s development.

These stories are rooted in our strong local roots, originating in the Haut-Doubs region of France, then more widely between France and Switzerland, and as far afield as Portugal and Mauritius.

These stories have one thing in common. They have all been driven by the same culture of excellence.

Year after year, these stories demonstrate the capacity to adapt, to bounce back, and the vitality and resilience of a family-run, independent group.

These are stories marked by the high points of the great names in the watchmaking industry; by the events that have, one after the other, marked the professionalisation and industrialisation of the market.


Our history

This is a deep history, marked by strong, decisive events that have contributed to IMI’s solidity and durability.