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The IMI Group puts its skills at your disposal to assist you in your projects

Founded in 1987 by Jean-Pierre Gérard and now headed by Antoine Gérard, the IMI Group has developed highly technical know-how in the service of luxury, microtechnology and finished parts.

The Group’s companies specialize in the manufacture of components for the luxury watch industry (crowns, pushers, sapphire crystals, ceramic parts and watch stones), the jewelry industry and high-tech industries.

With 4 production plants, including two in the Greater Besançon area, one in Switzerland, one in Portugal and one in Mauritius, and the talents of 800 employees, IMI uses its skills to provide technological solutions that meet the functional needs of its customers.

Thanks to its solid experience, the IMI Group is constantly innovating to guarantee long-lasting, high-quality solutions.

Since its creation in 1987, the IMI Group has been like the modern world: on the move.

Active in the watchmaking components, luxury goods, high-tech industry and laser sectors, IMI has developed and diversified considerably in recent years.