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Laser Cheval is the specialist in laser applications for the micromechanical, medical, luxury and watchmaking industries. The diversity of our human skills, our technological innovations and our logistical capacities reinforce the quality and reliability of our subcontracting and global solution offer for marking, welding and laser cutting applications. Do you have a decoration project for your prestige products? We can meet your needs by developing a high-tech, reliable and innovative customised laser solution. Let’s find out more!

The decor: a unique know-how

We offer a tool for generating decorations and textures, complementing the possibilities of the LENS software (internal mesh – link) which drives all the laser machines in the range. As laser machining does not generate any mechanical constraints, the creation of the decoration is relatively accessible:

  1. You place the part to be decorated freely in the machining area

2. The software recognises its position

3. You access a library of files

4. You select the decoration to be reproduced or customised

5. You adjust the pre-registered laser parameters if necessary

6. You can start the machining cycle.

The decorating operation can be carried out on small areas or near polished areas thanks to complementary functions at the source such as the control software and the vision registration systems. In order to impart the knowledge necessary to master the machine and the laser decorating process, we offer our customers dedicated training. Laser Cheval’s technical support service is available to ensure that customers are able to master the laser’s functions. The laser decoration module requires the use of Rhinoceros 3D drawing software. Our priority? To provide our customers with an accessible solution that can be easily integrated into their production processes to achieve their objectives.

Many possibilities of decorations…

Is it still necessary to detail the possibilities of the laser used mainly to identify, personalise, engrave or protect against counterfeiting? Thanks to the ultrashort pulse laser, our teams are able to carry out elaborate, meticulous decorations such as :

Straight satin finishing
Circular satin-finishing
Côtes de Genève

The innovation is to sublimate directly on the finished part, by playing with the laser parameters to obtain, like a painter with his colour palette, different shades, different grain sizes just by using the tools available thanks to the Laser Cheval Lens control software. Our decorating functions are suitable for machining and processing precious metals (gold, silver, platinum etc.), sapphire, hard metals. The laser can process simple or complex surfaces with a thickness of 0.3 mm.

For all forms

The advantage of the laser is its flexibility. It is possible to apply decorations on all flat, conical, inclined or machined surfaces… In the luxury industry, many brass parts can now be decorated with ease. The watchmaking industry has long used decoration techniques. Short pulse laser technology to gain finesse coupled with the functionality of our LENS software allows easy reproduction of patterns and reliable repeatability.

Benefits of laser scenery

With a range of femtosecond laser sources and catalogue or customised machines that integrate various functionalities, we have the know-how and expertise to carry out decorations on any type of part.

The advantages are numerous:

  • Machining for small and large series
  • Reliable repeatability of parts
  • High precision of execution

Choosing Laser Cheval

The world of watchmaking, jewellery and luxury goods requires meticulousness, precision in the micron range, and perfectly controlled equipment. Laser decoration technology meets these requirements in every respect thanks to ultra-short pulse laser sources ranging from nanosecond to femtosecond. Our teams are at your disposal to discuss your decorating needs and propose the appropriate solution, for a result that meets your expectations. Thanks to the expertise and the strength of proposal of our test and feasibility laboratory team, we can accompany you in your project and make it a reality together.